July 3, 2006

Book 4/12: Taggerung by Brian Jacques; New York: Ace Books, 2002; 403 pages; ISBN 0441009689.

This wasn’t what I intended to read next, but the Federalist papers are going to take me a while to finish. Taggerung is set during the days of the the badgermum Cregga (Rose-eyes), though I can’t remember offhand which of the previous books involved her offhand (it’s been over five years, heh); this is after those, though. Anyway, the title character is kidnapped to be raised by a vermin tribe as their warrior champion, and the story involves both how he finds his way back to his family and how Redwall choses a new Abbot/Abbess after many seasons without one. This was a better book than the previous one in some ways, though there were a few minor things that irritated me. First, sometimes Jacques will explain a situation a little more than it needs to be (telling the underlying motives that might otherwise by deduced), though that may just be that the age group he’s aiming at doesn’t get the subtle stuff that easily (and I’m older now than when I first started reading them). Secondly, the end of this one had an element of Deus-ex-machina, but one that tied in with the rest of the book’s happenings enough to be plausible. The other irritation was a sort of nature/nurture irritation that’s probably just me having had too many anthropology classes and reading into things too much. Part of my mind was saying, why would an otter raised by vermin not be like vermin?, and the other part was saying, dude, it’s about mice and squirrels and otters and ferrets and foxes; what does it matter? Overall, it is, as is usual for a Redwall book, an engaging story with an ensemble cast of fun characters. And way too many descriptions of mouth-watering food to be reading on an empty stomach. >.<

Triss is up next, I think.

November 26, 2005

I’ve been skipping around stuff again… been writing some on #140 (Veronica), read through #130 again (I need to finish it really… should take me maybe twelve pages), read through #150 (Tibs), #57 (hm… that one’s marked dead… oh well), and still working on #151 some. I’m not sure I’ll actually start anything else before the year ends, which will give me a new yearly low for number of stories started – 2000 only had 5. Well, unless you count ’94, which is the first year on the list. School has sucked up time this fall, and I’ve devoted a lot of thought to both #140 & #151. This isn’t to say I don’t still have ideas off and on, but hey, it would be nice to finish stuff more regularly.

I’ll try to update the page number thingy (and in my database, heh) soon.

October 8, 2005

Mostly been working on #151 (Yvonne) for the past while. What with school and work having started, I’ve been busier again. Read through #78 (Arena) a couple days ago… I like a lot of what I’ve got there, though I don’t really have anything to add at the moment. #50 (Quests), on the other hand, has a lot of the painful high-school-era stuff in it… I like the general plot, etc., and Fuller has always been one of my favorite dragons, but it’s one of the ones I should probably start from scratch if I ever get around to it.

I haven’t started anything new since June, which I suppose isn’t bad, given how much I have started already, and I want to resume the scanning project so that I can burn backup CDs. I did go through my multiple folders and consolidate stuff into a 7-pocket folder file thing, and I went through the various ideas I hadn’t used yet and put them all in one bound notebook thing. So at least I just have the stuff I’m working on in my ratdog folder now. And I’m still carrying around Veronica (#140), heh.

August 16, 2005

Been jumping around between stuff… for some reason I got Julia (#138) stuck in my head again, and the vampire dream from last night has me wanting to read through #85 again. Also put some thought into Xyryx (#87) again in the past week or so. Not sure what I’ll end up working on this week.

Put together the short list of my music favorites. It’s annotated for extra geekiness. :P

August 9, 2005

Dook! ^^ Wittle tiny ratdog icon! I’m such a dork. :P (In the address bar, if that was too arcane to decipher, heh.)

Anywho, I pulled out #149 to peruse while I was flying from… I think it was Ironforge to the Hinterlands (uh… I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since Easter… not sure I’ve mentioned that here before) and I ended up fiddling with it again. Not sure if it’s ever going to smooth out, since the parts I want to write out are about three years in the story from where I started it, and I’m not sure anything between the story then and now are interesting enough to slog through.

Oh, and my CD burner is dead. Blah. CDs are my main backup for anything besides what’s on the raid array, and I want to make a new disc for my car, since I’ve had the current one in since February.

Almost done with Hogfather. If I get up to Carpe Jugulum before new Waldenbooks coupons come out, I’m going to have to either get the next one at the gaming store where we play D&D or pay full price at a chain. Sigh.

August 3, 2005

Well, after kicking around #151 (Yvonne – eventually the alphabet idea is going to bite me in the ass [say, Q, or W, or something], but at least it’s making me use a variety of names) for a while to get it started and out of my head, I’ve drifted back to Veronica (#140) the past day or so. I suppose calling it Veronica is deceptive at this point, since it’s all from Nathaniel’s point of view, and I’ve resisted occasional ideas that would have broken to an external point of view. Not that it would have really hurt things, but I’m trying to keep it within what he sees & thinks & knows.

I’m up to Feet of Clay in getting through the Discworld books. I’ve read more this summer than in the past… eh, five or six years; it’s more a time issue than anything else. Besides Pratchett, though, I’ve just read Seabiscuit. (I wasn’t actually intending to read it yet, since I’m in the middle of a series, but when I got a new bookshelf and was reorganizing the non-fiction, I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. Yeah, I’m a horse book addict. And it’s a really well-written, engaging book.) I’m not sure where I’ll go after I run out of the Pratchett backlog, but we’ve got a ton of Orson Scott Card, R. A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, and, you know, that Wheel of Time thing that I haven’t gotten around to yet. I’m not sure any of it’s going to be as good as Pratchett, though…

And, for the chatties, the extended list of favorites from my music collection… (For the non-gamers, the ‘FF’ in FF7/FFX/FFX2 is ‘Final Fantasy’ – I have game soundtracks, heh.)

June 22, 2005

Minor site updates… moved stuff to the news archive, tweaked the forums, updated the list & abstracts a little.

I’ve got probably about 5 pages worth of stuff for Veronica thought out, and I just haven’t gotten it on paper. Instead, I worked at little on #149; read through #100 (the first Channeler one – have some ideas for it, I think); and have been thinking on #93, which I think I finally know how I’m going to end.

Oh, and I *finally* came up with a retort to the line I got stuck on in the rewrite of #6 (#148) about two months ago. Probably a good thing I don’t have to come up with witty ripostes in normal conversation…

Had another idea today… don’t know if I’m going to do anything with it yet, since I’ve been sort of bouncing between works recently, but I might get the first couple pages down just so I don’t forget it. It’s probably not a good thing for me to be driving down a relatively busy street and start coming up with dialogue for a car chase, though. Better than when I was doing dogfight scenarios (you know, the fighter plane type) while driving on the highway, I suppose. (… in my head. I don’t think my car would hold up to something like that.)