The Story: Part 2

The Northlands

Part 2 finds the party about two years down the road from Part 1; the Adventure began on March 23 of Year 3. The party was now Cora Brightwood (bard), Reno (ex-monk), Phelan Weylan (druid), and Essel (ranger).

The City of Or: March 23 – The PCs had received letters from Murdak, who had been working in the Temple of Pelor in Or since they last saw him. He asked them to meet him at the Dancing Dwarf in Or. The PCs got to the inn first, and Cora immediately recognized Andrew at the bar. The other PCs had only passing acquaintance with him, whereas Cora had adventured with him in the past, so she went over to talk too him. He immediately pulled out an amulet and informed her that he had a restraining order. Two other people who stood out were at the bar – an albino half-elf dressed in white furs, and a young woman in skimpy clothes with shimmering scales for skin.
Murdak finally arrived, and he explained to the party that the half-elf (Garrett) had brought him a message from Chip, requesting assistance in rescuing his father, whom he had found since he left the party. The young woman with the scales was Garrett’s daughter, Cassidy.

The Village of Girraux: March 24 – Heading north.

Ambleton: March 25 – Heading north.

Fort at David’s Gap: March 26 – Heading north.

Chillhollow Forest: March 27 – April 4 – Heading north. Miscellaneous encounters. Lemmings.

Chester’s Home and the Wolf Cave: April 4 – Heading north. Party recovered elk from a White Wolf cave to ride.

Heath: April 5 – Heading north.

Gideon’s Swamp: April 6 – April 7 – Heading north. While in the swamp, party fought a hydra. Subsequently, rat swarms.

Tirth’el Heath: April 8 – April 12 – Heading north.

Lake Garoulor (The Ice Lake): April 13 – Heading north. Remorhaz.

Foothills of the Icetooth Mountains: April 14 – April 18 – Heading north.

Crystal Palace: April 19 – April 20 – Party is introduced to Crystal, a dragon. Her home is a palace of ice, built on top of a former drow outpost. They discover that Chip’s father is being held by the White dragon K’senosthanak and is imprisoned in a block of ice.

Emerald Lair: April 20 – April 21 – Party heads to the lair of a long-dead Emerald dragon to retrieve elemental orbs strong enough to free Chip’s father.

Crystal Palace: April 22 – The party returns to Crystal’s home and is introduced to Juniper, a white wolf who has been following them since they left Chillhollow Forest. He is supposed to lead them to K’senosthanak’s lair.

Coastal Plain: April 23 – April 24 – Party heads east on Phantom Steeds. Brief encounter with Ogre Mages, who flee.

Icetooh Mountains: April 25 – April 27 – Travelling through the mountains to the Frozen Lair; encounter with a beholder. Glitterdust is used to blind the beholder.

He waved at the beholder.

Frozen Lair: April 27 – K’senosthanak’s lair is guarded by Frost Giants. Most of them are asleep and drunk when the party arrives; Cora disguises herself as one to deal with the guards; they fight over her; Reno finishes them off. They sneak through, hiding at one point in the bedroom of the kitchen wenches to rest. After looting the Giants’ treasure, they head up into the dragon’s lair itself. Bypassing all the side routes, they head straight up to the matriarch’s room, a large cave with a huge pile of treasure, topped by a gold dragon in a block of ice, and an open exit to the mountainside. The dragon is there and awake; Cora casts Grease underneath it, and then Reno pulls the biggest (18″ diameter) of the elemental spheres out of his backpack and throws it at the block of ice encasing the Gold dragon. The result is 3052d6 of fire damage in a limited radius burst; the concussive force blows the party back down the tunnel they came from, and the dragon, standing in a puddle of grease, is blown out the side of the mountain. The pile of treasure melted. The Gold dragon, immune to fire, emerged unscathed. The party uses a teleport rune, provided by Crystal, to make a hasty retreat to her lair.

Crystal Palace: April 28 – Consulting the next day with the Gold dragon, the party agrees to take Chip across the ocean to a monastery run by a group that researches dragons so that he can finish the quest he was on when K’senosthanak captured him….

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