The Story: Part 1

The Barony of Or

Or is a barony on the northern edge of the Kingdom of Eronia (King – George II). The current baron’s grandfather came into power about forty years ago during a shake up of the nobility three kings ago (George II <- Edward III <- Edward II <- Henry); his father held the barony for only two years, and he inherited about fifteen years ago. There was a revolt about a year ago, led by his cousin, Jared Oakhurst, son of his father’s older sister. It was put down about two months ago, and the valley of the River D’Or is firmly back in the Grants’ control, but Jared fled into the Grey Hills to the north, and pockets of rebels loyal to him still hold out there and in the Angor Forest. Most of the barony follow Pelor.

The story begins in May of, ahem, year 1.

When the PCs first began adventuring, they were a human fighter (Nikita), a half-elven bard (Cora), a gnome bard (Von), and a halfling wizard (Uthael). They had gone to adventuring school together at Ambleton, in the Angor Forest, and were just now setting out. When they reached Gireaux, the Abbot of the Monastery of St. Gorbel asked them to go retrieve the Mace of the Sun, which was left behind when the monastery was attacked.

When the PCs got to the monastery, they found a hermit living there. He was kind of grumpy and secretive. They retrieved the mace without issue, but while they were in the catacombs, they were confronted by the ghost of Gorbel, which managed to relay that his sword had been stolen. After returning the mace to the Abbot, the PCs were sent to Or to report the theft to the temple there. Passing through the Silver Trumpet Inn on the way to the city, they learned that a magical trumpet there had been stolen. While the temple in Or, the PCs picked up news of another theft, Pelor’s Mantle. They were also sent to investigate problems at one of the baron’s forts.

The fort had been attacked during the revolt, and the PCs found it full of wererats. The wererats had also been taking care of a young hydra there. The PCs found evidence that the wererats were working for someone else, as well as finding an amulet that exuded evil and a large, red gemstone. They also discovered Murdak, a kobold, in the fort’s chapel. While they possessed the evil amulet, undead followed them.

Murdak joined the PCs for a period, and they were sent to destroy the amulet of evil at the Azure Shrine. On the way there, they hired an elven ranger, Andrew, to serve as a guide. When they got to the Azure Shrine, they got the list of items they needed to destroy the amulet of evil: a paladin, distillation of black pudding, pixie dust, chimera blood, dire bear teeth, and a dragon heart.

At the same time, they were also looking into some gnoll problems in the Grey Hills and a bandit problem on the River D’Or. The gnoll problem led them to the tower of an ogre mage, Torthak, who had suffered an unfortunate accident, and the power vacuum he had left had led to the gnoll issue. The PCs refused to help him with his problem, and left his ghost crying in his tower.

Most of the items they needed the PCs were able to get from an alchemist, and they had found a dragon heart in the fort earlier, but they had to look around for a paladin. Most of Or’s paladins were killed in the revolt, and the last known one was stationed at the fort at David’s Gap. They had to rescue the fort’s captain, who had been captured by orcs while on patrol, in order to take the paladin with them. On the way back to Or, the paladin, Charles Manfield, disappeared in the middle of the night, which led them to the amulet of good, which had been entrusted to the lillend Valanthe (Uthael briefly mistook her for a tanar’ri and attacked her).

Now that they had all the items they needed, they had to get back to the Azure Shrine; they went via Or since they had left Andrew at the fort east of the city on the river (there was an incident with his ferret and a hair comb, so Andrew had… issues… with Cora) and didn’t want to get lost. They re-hired Andrew when they were passing through, since they had a tendency to get lost in the woods, and they headed back to Port Azure.

For several weeks now, Von had been hearing voices, and when they reached the Azure Shrine and destroyed the amulet, they were attacked by an invisible baby dragon. This was Chip, whose mother’s heart the PCs had used for the ritual. After some negotiating, they decided to take him with them. They spent some time returning things (the paladin, etc.), and Murdak stayed at the temple in Or. Andrew had parted ways with them at the fort on the river again. They tried to find Chip a home, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

While heading up to the school at Ambleton during their inquiries regarding a home for Chip, they stumbled across Andrew and the “man in black” (Jack) having drinks and talking at the Silver Trumpet. Jack quickly left, and Cora disguised herself as a bar wench and proceeded to fascinate Andrew and suggest that he tell her everything he knows about Jack. Then she asked him what she thought of her, and after he answered, she dropped the disguise, and Andrew panicked and ran. The party tried to run down Jack when he fled, and Chip briefly sat on him, but he managed to escape.

While investigating the bandits, which the PCs suspected were tied to the remnants of the revolt, in the Grey hills, they stumbled across a camp belonging to the Green. They followed the Green to the baron’s hunting lodge, where they consulted with them for a while about the remnants of the revolt, pieces of which they had been stumbling over for weeks now. They were pointed yet again at Portage, so they headed that way. (They had to deal with the gnolls yet again en route, this time convincing them that Cora was a dragon. The gnolls left them tribute, mostly copper.)

In Portage, the PCs discovered a secret lair built into the cliff, accessed via the cellars of one of the houses on the island between the falls. They found Jack and Tyrus tied up in a store room. Jared, the baron’s cousin, tried to escape, but the PCs eventually overpowered him and returned him to Or.

While the PCs were chasing Jared through his lair, Chip wandered off…

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