Part 1

Nikita – A female human fighter.

Cora Brightwood – A female half-elven bard with people skills… of some sort.

Uthael Baelreth – A male halfling wizard with a fire problem.

Von – A male gnome bard with a thing for the ladies.

Part 2

Reno – A male human monk/fighter with a penchant for alcohol and pretty girls.

Cora Brightwood – Cora returns!

Essel – A male halfling ranger with flaming swords that likes to cook and eat anything he kills.

Phelan Weylyn – A male human druid with a tendency to hibernate.

Part 3

Reno – Reno returns!

Cora Brightwood – Cora returns!

Essel – Essel was replaced early on by his brother, Uthael.

Uthael Baelreth – Uthael returns, glowier than ever.

Phelan Weylyn – Phelan returns!

Ven – A male human fighter who joined the party in Port Cielin. Toasted by Uthael after barely a week’s acquaintance. Ven was replaced by Graven.

Graven – A male half-elven ranger.

Rashad – A male human cleric of Boccob who joined the party in Hohenmoot.

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