Introduced in Part 1

Michael Grant, Baron D’Or – (L10 Aristocrat). Human. Wife, daughter, 2 sons. Main advisor is Sherman Abramson (L7 Cleric of Pelor). Crest: Gold boar on a black field with a gold border.

Jared Oakhurst – (L9 Bard). Human. Crest: Two red dragons passant on a silver and black field (top left silver, bottom right black). Led a revolt, currently in custody in Or.

Andrew – (Andrellis Sharellin [Iris Brightflower] – L8 Ranger). Elf. Andrew hates his given (Elven) name, and adopted a human form of it to avoid it. He was raised in the Angor Forest among one of the Elven bands, but he was informally exiled after repeated chafing with the captain of the scouting patrol he was assigned to. He ended up at Lac Azure, which, before the recent war, had a small clan of aquatic elves. A romance with the clan’s powerful sorceress led to his being given a permanent water breathing spell. When the rebels retreated up to the area around Lac Azure, the Elves there fought against them, and were eventually overpowered. Afterwards, Andrew was very depressed and took to drinking. The closer he is to the lake, the more he drinks. He has been doing odd jobs for the baron’s troops in the hills and helping them hunt down the remaining rebels. The Green have tried to recruit him, but he’s been putting them off.

Jack Heath – (L13 Rogue 4/Monk 9). Human. Jack was a budding thief on the streets of Or when a visiting monk from the Monastery at David’s Gap noticed his potential. His dislike for the uncertain, chaotic life on the streets and the seemingly random, merciless nature of many of the thieves there led him to agree to the monk’s offer, and he joined the monastic order. He took readily to life there, but eventually, as he gained tenure within the community, seeming hypocrisies in some of the order’s leaders led him to leave. When the revolt started, he volunteered as a scout with the baron’s army (with a hefty sum promised in his contract). When the war ended, however, the army stiffed him on his payment, and the baron’s cousin took advantage of that to pull him into his schemes. Eventually Jack figured out who had hired him (it had been via third parties) and backed out of the deal. Mainly a pacifist – avoids unnecessary combat, doesn’t believe in using lethal force. Vegetarian.

Tyrus Arigold – (The Hermit) (L9 Paladin). Human. The hermit was a paladin in service to the Baron D’Or, but he joined the revolt, convinced by Jared that the baron was an oppressive ruler. Eventually, seeing the wanton destruction Jared encouraged, he saw the error of his ways. However, his ‘fall’ has left him too depressed to seek atonement. He took up residency in the ruins of the Monastery of St. Gorbel both to hide from the baron’s men and to keep looters away.

Chester Mansfield – (L5 Paladin). Human. One of the few remaining paladins in the Barony of Or after the revolt.

Murdak – (L9 Rogue 2/Cleric 7). Kobold. Saved from being sacrificed to Kurtulmak by his own tribe by a cleric of Pelor, Murdak underwent an immediate conversion and became and acolyte for the cleric. He briefly adventured with the party up until they found Chip, then joined the temple of Pelor in Or, where he still works.

Torthak – The ogre mage aspired to lichdom, and ultimately, he succeeded. He did not, however, choose the best of phylactories – a small crystal unicorn with lacquered faerie wings. One night while he was down in the basement of his tower working in his lab, he heard a crash upstairs, and was suddenly a ghost, his corpse sprawled on the floor. Ghostly exploration found that gnolls had broken into his tower and had knocked over the end table that held his phylactory. He still haunts his tower.

Chip – Chip’s mother was a red dragon who, in a fit of desperation to reproduce, disguised herself as a gold dragon to mate with one. (Besides… what’s more fun for a red dragon than corrupting a gold dragon?) Chip was the result. Being born with parents of such strong, opposing alignments, however, Chip is a little… off. He doesn’t have good concepts of good or evil. Of course, he’s also only (at this point) 6 years old. His mother was killed by a group of vampires when he was 3 or 4 (the vampires were subsequently destroyed by Murdak’s first teacher).

Introduced in Part 2

Garrett – (L11 Scout). Half-elven, half… something else. Garrett is an albino, so his racial background, beyond that he has elven blood, is somewhat ambiguous. He was raised by one of the coastal human tribes, but he’s been working for Crystal most of his life.

Cassidy – (L3 Wilder). Half-dragon. Cassidy is Garrett and Crystal’s daughter. She’s 19 and very anxious to get out on her own. Afraid of flying, but not heights. She has crystaline skin, and a sort of ridge of bony protrusions instead of hair.

Crystal – A crystal dragon. She’s ambiguous about her age. She considers most of the Northlands to be hers, which brings her into conflict with the white dragon brood to the east. Resides in the Crystal Palace.

Chester – Lives in Chillhollow Forest. Raises elk as mounts.

Juniper – (L12 Wolf 4/Scout 8). A white wolf. The PCs have resisted getting to know him on a cordial basis. He’s not pure Winter Wolf, and is something of a runt, but still larger than the average wolf.

K’senosthanak – Matriarch of the white dragons that live in Mt. Frost.

Introduced in Part 3

Mabyn Rhys – (L13 Spirit Shaman). Mabyn (pronounced may-ven) is a strong-willed young woman in her mid-20s; blonde, blue-eyed, 5’4″ish, and comfortably padded. She dresses in bright colors, mostly wears skirts, and has a thing for expensive boots. She carries a battered carpet-bag as her only luggage.

Gavin – (L12 some kind of sword-carrying class). Gavin (short a) is from the Empire of the Fire Dragon. He’s currently working for Mabyn as something of a bodyguard. He has dark hair and eyes, dresses mostly black, wears an elaborately etched breastplate, and carries swords typical to his homeland (katana/wakizashi). His common is noticeably accented.
The Dragon Hunter – Something’s out there killing dragons…

Caelandra – The half-Amethyst dragon/half-celestial Oracle on the Dragon Council; she is a 7′ humanoid with golden skin and long silvery hair; she has feathered, angelic wings; throughout, she has patches of amethyst scales – around her eyes and ears, covering most of her torso like mail armor, and highlighting her hands, feet, and wings; her fingers end in jewel-like claws. She can also assume a more draconic form.

Prince Mikel – Ruler of the Citadel; immensely rich, talented swordsman, one of the most powerful men in Trans-Walysia; patron of the arts.

The Wood Dragon – Provided the first key to the party.

The Granite Dragon in the Brecht Mountains – Sent the party to the Citadel to retrieve something for him.

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