The Barony of Or
Or (City of)
pop. ~8000. Bridge tolls – pedestrian 1 cp; livestock 2 cp/10; wagons 5 cp. Ford is free. North of the river: Dwarven Quarter; the Golden Apple (dwarf/gnome Bar); Northwest Gate; Artisan’s Quarter; Farmers Quarter; Northeast Gate; Broken Arrow (Inn); Market Square; Temple of Pelor; Religious Quarter; the Dancing Dwarf (Inn/bar); Slums; Green Outpost; Shops. South of the river: Merchants Quarter; Wealthy Quarter; Elven Embassy; Guards Quarter; Gilded Lily (elf bar); Baron’s Keep; Shops; South Gate. There are chains on the river to regulate the boat traffic through the city. Or is known for its jewelry production – many minor gemstones are shipped here from the dwarven mines in the north.
pop. ~3000. ~1000 live inside the walls; ~2000 live outside the walls below the cliff. 15 foot walls, 20 foot towers. The city of Portage is built on the falls of the River D’Or. There is an island that splits the falls. The bridge is below the falls but inside the walls. Docks line the falls’ pool and the river above the falls. The portage path is on the east side inside the walls; there is a livestock gate in the wall there. The main gate below the falls is on the west side of the river. The main gate above the falls is on the east side of the river. The portage path tolls are a significant income from the city.
Port Azure
pop. ~2500. Most of the dwarves’ mining products are shipped down river from this city on the western edge of Lac Azure.
The baron keeps seven forts throughout the barony to protect his land and subjects. They are located on the trade road near Sutton, on the northern bank of the Or near Westmere, on the southern edge of the Angor Forest along the border, just off the trade road in David’s Gap, on the eastern edge of Lac Azure, on the eastern border about fifteen miles southeast of Portage, and on the northern bank of the River D’Or where it leaves the Grey Hills.
pop. ~200. Gireaux is a small down on the trade road between David’s Gap and the city of Or. It lies on the edge of the Angor Forest. Its main features are its Temple of Pelor, the Red Bull Inn, a few shops on the market square, housing for the local farmers, and the town hall, which houses the mayor and the sheriff for the region. There is a small mill just south of town. Shops: temple shop, Green outpost, blacksmith, general store.
pop. ~30. Village across the stream from the Monastery of St. Gorbel. Maintains an inn.
Monastery of St. Gorbel
Gorbel was a palading who became a hero during the Giant Wars 300 years ago. When he died, he left the entirety of his estate to found a monastery devoted to Pelor. During the rebellion, the monastery was burned and partially sacked, though some of hte monks, including the abbot, escapted to nearby Gireaux.
Location of an adventuring academy; there’s an inn across the road from the school.
David’s Gap
The pass through the Dragonfang Mountains.
Village of David’s Gap
pop. ~200. There’s a small inn, a general store, and a blacksmith.
pop. ~450. Village where the Nebel Stream meets the River D’Or.
pop. ~800. Town on the western border of the barony on the River D’Or.
pop ~1000. Town on the trade road south from Or. On the southern border of the barony.
River D’Or
Runs from the Lac de Sacre to the South Sea. Towns on the river: Portage, Or, Nebel, Westmere, unnamed port city.
Or Falls
35 foot drop. Island splits them. City of Portage is build around them.
Lac Azure
Approx. 10 miles long. Located on the southern edge of the Dragonfang between the mountains and the Grey Hills. Feeds into the Or. Notable features: Port Azure, Azure Shrine.
Grey Hills
Stretch from the Angor Forest to Portage south of the Dragonfang Mountains. The people there are mainly herders. There are occasional gnoll issues.
Nebel Stream
A tributary of the Or. It runs through the eastern part of the Angor Forest. Denë, the Silver Trumpet Inn, and Nebel are all on the stream.
Angor Forest
Expansive old-growth forest west of the Grey Hills and south of the Dragonfang Mountains. A few bands of elves make their home in the forest.
Dragonfang Mountains
Mountains that run along the northern edge of the barony. Several dwarven mines are located within them. Orcs are to the north.
Lac de Sacre
The source of the River D’Or. It lies high within the Dragonfang.
Monastary at the Lake
A small order of militant monks have a monastary on Lac de Sacre.
Silver Trumpet Inn
Located on the trade road where it crosses the Nebel Stream, it is the place (outside Or) for adventurers to blow their money on the less tangible things in life (e.g., not magical items). The Inn features Eronia’s only mariachi band, and perhaps the only gnomish mariachi band in the world. Nothing there is cheap, in either cost or quality.
Dancing Dwarf Inn
Said to predate the city itself, the Dancing Dwarf lies on the north bank of the River D’Or, between the bridge and the ford.
Azure Shrine
A shrine to a water spirit on the northern shore of Lake Azure. A small cult in Port Azure takes care of it.
Hunting Lodge
The baron maintains a hunting lodge on the edge of the Angor Forest where it meets the Grey Hills and the Dragonfang Mountains.

The Northlands
Chillhollow Forest
Lies to the north of the Dragonfang Mountains. Orcs, elves, and winter wolves live in it.
Gideon’s Swamp
A large, boggy swamp which cuts across the width of the Northlands between the forest and the heath.
Tirith’el Heath
An expansive moorland north of the swamp.
Lake Garoulor
Often frozen, the lake stretches west from the main body of the Icetooth Mountains.
Lie between the lake and the western tail of the mountains.
Icetooth Mountains
An icy range along the coast of the Sea of Ice.
Caldera/Emerald Lair
The caldera lies along the coast of the Sea of Ice amidst four heavily wooded peaks; an island in the middle leads to the lair of a long-dead dragon.
Crystal Palace
Crystal’s Ice Palace, high up on the slopes of a mountain and atop a cliff.
Mount Frost/Frozen Lair
Mount Frost is home to the white dragon brood of K’senosthanak, who resides in the Frozen Lair.
Sea of Ice
Despite it’s name, shipping can actually get through three or four months of the year. Whaling ships often resupply from the human tribes on the coast during these months.


Trans-Walysia is across the ocean from the Barony of Or and is over a thousand miles west of it. Several hundred miles further west is the Empire of the Fire Dragon. (Parallel but otherwise unrelated campagin.)

The Confederated States (14)
Upper Wendendorf, Lower Wendendorf, Greater Walysia, Ostmark, Lachendom, Mittelfluessen, Tynessheim, Genovesia, Yllanis, Justilar, Plythia, Denaeris, Fruecthen, Ingesor.
The City-States (18)
The Citadel, Menckenburg, Ahmestia, Gracken, Walys, Port Cielin, Hohenmoot, Tynfell, Glennach, Stuermplatts, Drachenheim, Llaria’s Bluff, Swifton, Portsmouth, Hogerbrug, Helsingborg, Lund, Trelleborg.
Firefen Wood
The northern Elven wood, between the Brecht Mountains and Lake Celestia.
The southern Elven wood, between Lachendom and Ostmark.
Great Northern Forest
An expansive forest extending north of Trans-Walysia. The further north you go, the more trolls you’ll find.
Kingdom of the Oberbrecht Dwarves
Underneath the Brecht Mountains is a vast and wealthy Dwarven kingdom. They do not have nearly as much interaction with the humans of Trans-Walysia as they did three hundred years ago; the Dwarven monarchy is currently chilly to them.
Western Plains and Hill Country
The plains west of Ostmark, running into the hills that make the eastern boundary of the Empire of the Fire Dragon, are occupied by various nomadic human tribes, some of which cause trouble for caravans crossing them. Some of them also raid villages in Ostmark.
Celestia, Andorel, Tyn, Llestral, Kyll
Cielin, Swift, Walysia, Blauenfluss, Eisstrom, Trothy, Neva, Kyll
Mountain Chains
White, Blue, Worgtooth, Walys, Glochen, Kyll, Brecht (Brechtenbergen), Drachenberg, Nueces, Denaer
Stuermberg (the Mount of Storms)
A sacred mountain on the southern end of the island of Wellenora.
Drachen, Kyll, Ingbor, Schelvissen, Welland Channel
The sea between the mainland and the outlying islands.
South Sea, The Great Ocean
Tynes, Walvis
Kyll, Drachen, Laeborgon, Wellenora
The Spire
A lighthouse on the northern tip of (the middle) Island. It is a fantastic stone structure over a thousand feet tall, shaped roughly like a dragon. The builders are unknown. Its age is estimated at almost two thousand years. There are passageways inside. Although no people currently attend it, the light at the top never goes out. It is built out of basalt not found on the island. Sailors who take their ships past it heading for Port Cielin and elsewhere consider it the Drachendom’s welcome to outsiders.

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