Angor Elves
Several bands of elves make their home in the Angor Forest.
Dragonfang Dwarves
The dwarves have several mines in the mountains.
The Green
The Green are a loose alliance of druids and rangers, mostly followers of Ehlonna and Obad-Hai. They are found mostly within the Angor Forest and on its borders, and their main purpose is to protect it. More so than others of their classes, however, protection may include becoming involved in politics, either local or regional. They have outposts in most towns, as well as throughout the forest in locations known to few outside the group. Their in-town outposts sell leather armors and equipment associated with their classes, but are unmarked. Their existence as an organized force is unknown to most people, and even to druids and rangers not in the organization, it’s a vague rumor. They train Angor Wardens.
Angor Warden (Prestige Class)
Requirements: Wild empathy; Knowledge (Nature) 8; Survival 8; Any Non-Evil; Base Attack Bonus +6
Armor/Weapons – no new
d8 hit dice
6 skill points + int bonus/level
Druid + Ranger skills list
Code of conduct
lvl bab f/r/w special
1 +0 +2/+0/+2 +10 movement speed in natural terrain; +1 caster level
2 +1 +3/+0/+3 +1 caster level
3 +2 +3/+1/+3 +5 to hide, move silently, search, spot, listen in the Angor Forest; +1 caster level
4 +3 +4/+1/+4 +1 caster level
5 +3 +5/+2/+5 Know location in the Angor Forest; +1 caster level
Chillhollow Orcs
The orcs control western Chillhollow.
Chillhollow Elves
Several bands of elves live in eastern Chillhollow
Mt. Frost
The white dragons and frost giants of the Northlands are led by K’senosthanak.
Northlands Drow
Although driven back from raiding recently by Crystal, the drow still pull some weight in the Northlands.
The Dragon Council
A group of creatures (dragons and otherwise) possessing draconic heritage; they run a monastery devoted to the study of dragons, and serve as advocates for peaceful relations between dragons and other creatures in Trans-Walysia.

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