Water Dragons

Water Dragons (Subtype – Water; Alignment – usually Chaotic)

Water dragons live in large bodies of both fresh and salt water; their lairs are generally in underwater caverns. Although sometimes found along the coasts, they are most often encountered on the open seas or deep underwater. They have blue-green-gray scales that shift in hue with the weather. Their feet are webbed, and they are uncomfortable walking on solid surfaces.

Water dragons tend to shift moods as often as the weather at sea. Ships sometimes run afoul of their ire, and their hoards are often the pick of shipwrecks’ treasure. Aquatic peoples occasionally come into conflict with them, as well.

Water dragons are often willing combatants and generally fiercely territorial. They often attack first, coming at ships from below, where they can exploit the element of surprise. If physical prowess alone is not sufficient to overcome a foe, they shift to magical attacks to wear their opponant down.

  • Immune to acid; Immune to cold
  • Waterbreathing (Ex)
  • Waterwalking (Su)
  • (Swim)
  • Breath Weapon: a line of acid
  • Whirlpool (Su): Water dragons can create whirlpools in large bodies of water. This is a supernatural ability which can be used twice per week. The whirlpool lasts up to one hour per age category of the dragon and can be dismissed at will; the whirlpool may have up to a 100 foot radius per age category of the dragon.
  • Other spell-like abilities: 3/day – fog cloud (juvenile), 3/day – create/destroy water (adult), 3/day – control water (old), 1/day – control winds (ancient), 1/day – control weather (great wyrm)

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