Steam Dragons

Steam Dragons (Subtype – Water; Alignment – usually Neutral)

Although both prefer environments with high humidities, steam dragons are not easily confused for mist dragons. Steam dragons live in hot or warm areas where there is a constant high humidity; hot springs, geothermal vents, and similar locales all draw steam dragons. Their scales are generally a bluish grey, and they become paler as they age. Their eyes tend to be milky.

Steam dragons tend to vacillate between two moods: grumpy and mellow. When encountered away from a steamy area, they are often snappish and unhelpful. If close to one of their favored environs, such as a hot spring, however, they are often more tractable and polite to unhostile visitors. They are picky collectors, favoring equisite crystals, geodes, and pearls. Metals besides gold usually corrode in their hoards. If not underwater, their lairs usually feel like saunas. (Underwater lairs may be kept with pockets of “comfortably” boiling water.) The tend to prefer their organic food matter… steamed. Many are particularly fond of poached eggs.

Depending where they are encounted, steam dragons can either be spitefully relentless or mellowly indifferent to combat. A provoked steam dragon most often opens with its breath weapon, and survivors will generally be subsequently subjected to either physical attacks and magic on land or the dragon’s boil ability in or under water.

  • Immune to Acid; Immune to Fire; Vulnerable to Cold
  • Waterbreathing (Ex)
  • Cloudwalking (Su)
  • (Swim)
  • Breath Weapon: A line of super-heated steam
  • Boil (Su): Once per day per three age categories, a steam dragon can superheat an area of water. The dragon can affect 10 cubic yards per age category, and the effect lasts for as long as the dragon concetrates on it plus 1 round per age category. Anything in the affected area must make a Fortitude save (same DC as breath weapon) or take 4d6 heat damage; creatures which succeed their saves take half damage. Anything remaining in or entering the affected area for the duration of the effect must also make a saving throw each round spent in the area or suffer the same consequences.
  • Other spell-like abilities: 3/day – gaseous form (juvenile); 1/day – control water (adult); 1/day – cloudkill (old); 1/day – control weather (ancient); 1/day – elemental swarm (water or steam) (great wyrm)

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