Smoke Dragons

Smoke Dragons (Subtype – Fire; Alignment – usually Neutral)

Smoke dragons live in areas prone to forest or other wildfires. Their scales are varying shades of gray, and they grow darker as they age. Their eyes are milky, with glowing red pupils. Their lairs are usually shallow caves.

Smoke dragons vacillate between timid and aggressive. They are uncomfortable when there is not an active fire present, and if too much time passes without a wildfire in their territory, they usually start one. They come into conflict with humanoids more than many of the other elemental dragons, since their habits can cause considerable destruction.

Creatures that intrude on a smoke dragon’s territory may be attacked unprovoked if they linger too long and the dragon is in an aggressive mood. Smoke dragons use their choking smoke ability to try to disable opponents, to be either more easily dispatched or removed from their territory, according to mood. If there is an active fire present and the foe seems manageable, the dragon will use its smokewalking ability and its breath weapon to initiate combat.

  • Immune to Fire
  • Smokewalking (Su)
  • Breath Weapon: A line of fire
  • Choking smoke: A smoke dragon can produce a cloud of thick, choking smoke once a week per age category (but no more than twice a day). The cloud affects 25 cubic yards per age category and deals 2d6 of subdual suffocation damage to all creatures with in it per round (Fortitude save for half, DC 10+1/2 HD). The smoke disperses after 1d6+1 per age category rounds.
  • Other spell-like abilities: 3/day – pyrotechnics (juvenile); 3/day – silence (adult); 3/day – slow (old); 1/day – dominate person (ancient); 3/week-incendiary cloud (great wyrm)

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