Obsidian Dragons

Obsidian Dragons (Subtype – Earth; Alignment – usually Neutral)

Obsidian dragons can be described with one word: sharp. They live almost exclusively in volcanic areas and, if granite dragons look as though they were carved of stone, obsidian dragons look as though they were crafted of jet-black glass. Their scales look polished, smooth, and shiny, and throughout its lifetime an obsidian dragon will be a uniform jet-black. As they age, their individual scales become difficult to discern. Their eyes, as well, are solid black, and blend into their heads.

Obsidian dragons rarely have organic matter in their hoards; anything less solid than metal or stone tends to shred in their grasp. They are often fond of delicate metalwork. Although they look fearsome, many obsidian dragons have a soft spot for small, fuzzy animals, and the areas around their lairs are often replete with rabbits, squirrels, and the like. Obsidian dragons like to burrow (their smooth scales and extra sharp claws make it easier), and intruders to its territory may be introduced to the dragon when they step on one of its horns it has left barely protruding from where it has burrowed. If their territory has patches of volcanic sand, they will spend much of their time in it.

Crossing an obsidian dragon usually results in blood. Even if the dragon can be convinced to parley, it may inadvertantly wound visitors, since they are likely to be at least somewhat vulnerable to its protrusions. Foes who insist on combat but who prove resistant to being sliced will be subject to the dragon’s magical attacks.

  • Immune to Electricity
  • (Burrow)
  • Breath Weapon: A line of obsidian shards
  • Keen Edges (Ex): An obsidian dragon’s claws, teeth, and horns are all considered keen weapons.
  • Wound (Su): Creatures hit by an obsidian dragon’s claw attack must make a Fortitude save (DC 14) or take 1 point of temporary Constitution damage from blood loss the following round.
  • Reflect (Sp): An obsidian dragon has a 10% chance per three age categories to reflect back at the caster spells from the schools of Conjuration (Creation) and Evocation using its wings. The dragon must be fighting defensively to attempt to reflect a spell.
  • Other spell-like abilities: At will – mending (juvenile); 3/day – greater rage (adult); 1/day – break enchantment (old); 3/day – blade barrier (ancient); 1/day – regenerate (great wyrm)

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