Mist Dragons

Mist Dragons (Subtype – Water; Alignment – usually Neutral)

Mist dragons live in valleys with bodies of water or in coastal areas. They delight in the beauties of shallower waters than the deep oceans or inland seas, and where water meets land they are happiest. Their lairs are generally caves created by water – behind waterfalls, at the foot of tide-eroded cliffs, in sinkholes that reveal vast labyrinths. Their scales tend to be mottled blues, greens, and grays or tans, generally reflecting the water and stone of their native area.

Mist dragons seek tranquility; their signature is their innate ability to create mist (fog, clouds), the presence of which tends to bring a sort of hush upon an area. They tend towards meditation and philosophizing. They are unlikely to collect magic weapons or armor, but they are prone to hoarding both coins and cleverly wrought trinkets. They are not above putting a wishing well over one of their underwater pools (many try to fulfill some of the “small” wishes, especially if it has been repeated many times).

Because mist dragons value tranquility, they dislike combat, and they are more likely to try to simply remove or avoid a threat than deal with the conflict directly; they also dislike unexpected company, and may react in similar fashion to a non-threatening hubbub. They make ample used of their cloudwalking and waterbreathing in this regard – they may simply leave for a while to let a threat get bored and go away. If unable to utilize either of these abilities, older mist dragons may resort to teleport or similar spells to remove the intruder. If actually pressed into combat, the dragon uses its breath weapon, spells, and physical attacks equally; they favor spells like solid fog, acid fog, and cloudkill. Mist dragons will take advantage of their waterbreathing or cloudwalking for tactical purposes, depending on their opponants’ limitations.

  • Immune to Acid
  • Cloudwalking (Su)
  • Waterbreathing (Ex)
  • (Swim)
  • Breath Weapon: a cone of acidic fog
  • Create fog (Sp): As Fog Cloud, but area equivolent to a radius of 1 mile per age category of the dragon and a height of 20 feet per age category of the dragon; the dragon can sustain this quantity of fog without concentrating; if a new area of fog is created, the old fog will dissipate over a period 1d4 hours if the weather conditions do not do so sooner. A mist dragon of any age can use this ability at will.
  • Other spell-like abilities: 3/day – rainbow pattern, 1/day – gaseous form (adult); 3/day – control water (old); 3/day – control weather (great wyrm)

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