Light Dragons

Light Dragons (Subtype – Air; Alignment – often Chaotic)

Light dragons tend to live in polar regions, but they can be found on any kind of land “edges,” especially coastlines and mountain peaks. Their scales themselves are a dull grayish color, but one rarely sees their actual scales, as they emit low electrical currents which mostly manifest in brilliant displays of color. They tend to be of the long-and-thin variety of dragon. Their eyes are a constantly shifting rainbow pattern, which brightens as they age.

Although flamboyant performers at a distance – communities in polar regions can never be sure if the auroras are simply atmospheric, or a dragon on display – light dragons are notoriously shy. They have difficulty not emitting light, so without taking cover underground, it is difficult for them to hide. Their scales and eyes are prized by some crafters of magical items. Although they usually run when approached, they can often be induced to perform with indirect bribes. They prize things which sparkle, especially gems, and their hoards are often imbalanced in that direction. They also have a weakness for colorful foods. Among some coastal tribes, the greatest honor a village can acheive is to entice a light dragon to perform at the New Year’s festivities.

Unlike their air dragon cousins, light dragons are rarely aggressive, and are more likely to run to one of their underground hiding spots to wait for non-hostile intruders in their territory to leave. If pressed into combat, they are likely to try to disable or blind their opponants and then attempt again to flee, but they will kill if necessary.

  • Immune to electricity; Immune to light (in addition to taking no damage from light spells or effects, light dragons cannot be blinded by them)
  • Breath Weapon: A line of electricity
  • Luminescence (Ex): Light dragons glow. Although they cannot make the glow stop, they can control its intensity, ranging from candlelight to full sunlight at noon. They can also manipulate the color of the light. The light is heatless.
  • Blinding Luminescence (Su): Light dragons can make their natural luminescence into a blinding burst of light up to three rounds per age category per day; they can spread this intensity out throughout a twenty-four hour period up to their maximum number of rounds. This is above and beyond the “full sunlight” level of intensity they are normally capable of, which may affect light-sensitive creatures. Creatures viewing the dragon within 100 yards per age category must succeed a Fortitude save (DC 10+1/2 HD) or be blinded. This is above and beyond the “full sunlight” level of intensity they are normally capable of, which may affect light-sensitive creatures.
  • Eye beams (Ex): A light dragon can redirect its natural electrical currents to send a focused beam of light shooting at a single target, dealing 1d12 points of light damage per age category. This ability can be used once per hour per age category. The ability takes 1d4 rounds to charge; the dragon must spend one round concentrating to redirect the energy, and then can use the ability after the charging rounds have passed. The ability must be used within 2d4 rounds, or the charge is lost.
  • Other spell-like abilities: 3/day – rainbow pattern (juvenile); 1/day – air walk, wind wall (adult); 3/day – chain lightning (old); 1/day – sunbeam (ancient); 1/day – sunburst (great wyrm)

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