Granite Dragons

Granite Dragons (Subtype – Earth; Alignment – often Lawful)

If dragons participated in sumo, granite dragons would be their champions. Granite dragons are big. They look, more or less, like dragons carved from stone; their horny protusions are blunt and rounded, and their scales have a pebbled color and texture, most often grey/black, but sometimes taking on a pink or greenish tinge. Their tails end in a hard, rounded knob. Granite dragons live high in remote mountain ranges, where their size does not draw them extra attention.

Granite dragons are prone to falling into very strict routines; once they form a habit, they are averse to change it. Similarly, they do not readily or easily change their minds; impressions made in their youth (that humans are annoying, dwarves will cause them trouble, etc.) are very hard to get around. Granite dragons, more often than their other earthen cousins, lean towards lawful – breaking a promise to or a contract with a granite dragon will have serious repercussions for the party at fault.

Granite dragons often default to physical combat when aggressively confronted. Like many other elemental dragons, they are open to parley, but when angered or annoyed, they are large enough that simply squishing the offensive creature is too easy to pass up. If a foe proves too difficult to squish, they will turn to their breath weapon and other abilities.

  • Immune to Electricity; Immune to Acid
  • (Burrow)
  • Breath Weapon: A cone of 2-inch stones (the affected area is treated as though marbles have been strewn throughout)
  • Increased Size (Ex): Granite dragons are, on average, one size category larger than other dragons of similar age. This increased size bestows a +4 bonus to Strength and Constitution.
  • Quake (Ex): The rounded knob on the end of a granite dragon’s tail is there for more than aesthetics; the dragon can bring its tail down forcefully on the ground to create a small earthquake. (See the earthquake spell for effects.) The quake affects a 10-yard radius per age category from the point of impact.
  • Root of the Mountain (Su): Once per day, for up to one round per age category, a granite dragon can become immobile, rooted in place to the ground. While thus immobile, it gains damage reduction 10/- (in addition to whatever damage reduction it may already possess) and immunity to mind-affecting spells or effects.
  • Other spell-like abilities: 3/day – meld into stone (juvenile); 3/day – stoneshape (adult); 3/day – spike stones (old); 3/day – wall of stone (ancient); At will – stonetell (great wyrm)

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