Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons (Subtype – Fire; Alignment – often Chaotic)

Although fire dragons look, for the most part, as though they are made of flame, they are quite substantial. Their scales appear molten and are the varied colors of flame, mostly reds and oranges, but as they age, they gain bluish and whitish highlights, especially in the extremities. Their eyes blaze in all the colors of fire; as they age and their flame grows hotter, the eyes “burn” with the color of hotter flames. They are the elemental dragon most likely to live in active volcanoes.

Fire dragons like fire. They like its aesthetics, its power, its habits. They tend towards chaos, and are inevitabily intense personalities. Most have a hobby which they pursue passionately, be it a field of knowledge, a school of magic, or an art form. They are especially territorial, and they may employ a “scorched earth” policy to define their territory.

A fire dragon openly approached non-hostilely is as likely as not to parley; an angry fire dragon is going to make things burn. Combat involving a fire dragon is generally very warm, and they will utilize their breath weapons as often as possible. Foes resistant or immune to fire will find themselves the object of the dragon’s physical and non-fire magical attacks, and they may find themselves targeted first so the dragon can get down to burning things.

  • Immune to Fire; Vulnerable to Cold
  • Breath Weapon: A fire dragon has two breath weapons, a line of fire and a cone of fire.
  • Fire Spit (Ex): A fire dragon can spit a wad of fiery liquid once per hour. The spit affects a circle one yard in diameter per three age categories. The liquid functions similarly to Alchemist’s Fire, except that it deals 1d6 of fire damage per three age categories of the dragon (Reflex save for half, DC same as breath weapon), and it burns for up to 1 round per age category unless it is extinguished sooner. Burning or extinguished, the substance is sticky. (See Alchemist’s Fire entry for extinguishing flames.)
  • Fiery Soul (Su): Fire dragons are hot. Anyone touching the dragon takes 1 point of heat damage per age category (Fortitude save negates, DC 10+1/2 HD).
  • Other Spell-like abilities: At will – produce flame (wyrmling); 3/day – heat metal (juvenile); 3/day – fireball (adult); 3/day – wall of fire (old); 1/day – incendiary cloud (ancient); 1/day – meteor swarm (great wyrm).

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