Cinder Dragons

Cinder/Ember Dragons (Subtype – Fire; Alignment – usually Neutral)

Cinder (or ember) Dragons look like fire dragons that are half burnt out. Their scales are charcoal colored with a faint red-orange glow at the thickest part of the scale, which grows brighter with age. Their eyes are coal black, but burn bright orange when they are angry. They often live in wooded areas, and a forest which is home to a cinder dragon will have burnt-out patches.

Cinder dragons are patient hunters. Like most dragons, they can eat just about anything, but they are especially fond of bear. The burnt-out patches in its forest serve as their camouflage; when a bear comes to prey on the ruminants which graze on the grasses which grow in those areas, the dragon will often already be settled among one of the patches of firefall where it can blend in. Cinder dragons prefer more remote forests, and their hoards are usually filled more with the kind of items people trying to kill them carry than with coins.

Cinder dragons are unusually calm for dragons, at least until they are angered. Many follow a “fire within” philosophy, taking life as it comes until something sparks the “fire within,” at which point they resemble their stronger fire cousins. A cinder dragon thus usually must be provoked into combat; they just don’t care enough to bother until something or someone pisses them off. They lean towards physical and burning gaze attacks unless the foe seems formidable enough (or pisses them off enough) to pull out magic.

  • Immune to Fire; Vulnerable to Cold
  • Breath Weapon: A cone of burning embers; the embers continue to burn in the affected area for 1d4 rounds
  • Ignite (Su): Once per day, a cinder dragon can burst into full flame for up to one round per age category. When the dragon uses its ignite ability, it deals 1d4+1/age category fire damage to anything withing one foot per age category of itself (Reflex save for half, DC 10+1/2 HD).
  • Burning Gaze (Su): An angry cinder dragon can cause a creature or object to combust by staring at for one full round. At the beginning of the dragon’s next turn, the target of its stare bursts into flames (Fortitude save negates, DC 10+1/2 HD), dealing 1d4 points of fire damage per age category, and 1d6 points of additonal fire damage per round until the flames are extinguished. (See Alchemist’s Fire entry for extinguishing flames.)
  • Other spell-like abilities: 3/day – heat metal (juvenile); 1/day – wall of fire (adult); 1/day – quench (old); 1/day – commune with nature (ancient); 3/day – fire storm (great wyrm).

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