Air Dragons

Air Dragons (Subtype – Air; Alignment – often Chaotic)

Air dragons are rare, or at least rarely encountered, for they often inhabit layers of the atmosphere rarely visited by other sentient life. Not only are air dragons rarely encountered, even when they are, they are rarely seen; their scales shimmer, and they often seem almost transluscent. Their eyes, cloudy in the beginning, get clearer and more reflective as they age.

Living in such desolate conditions, air dragons are often even more solitary, paranoid, and unpredictable than most of their terrestrial cousins. They rarely get involved in the affairs of other creatures, and many spend their whole life without ever setting foot on the ground. Those which are found on or near the ground are often juveniles curious about “The Below” or older dragons involved in some kind of cooperative planar diplomacy. Air dragons have a particular intereset in the Astral and Ethereal planes; most of their treasure is found and stored there.

When confronted, air dragons tend towards fight or flight reactions; their unfamiliarity with other creatures does not lend them a diplomatic nature, and those who wish to parley are best off announcing themselves well before they reach the dragon. Younger dragons who lean towards flight tend to use their gaseous form ability; older dragons may simply plane shift (the Astral, Ethereal, and Elemental Plane of Air are all favorites) until the offending visiter goes away. Some air dragons are prone to simply plane shifting the unwanted visitors. Those which lean towards fight generally open with a breath weapon and follow up with spells; planar and air magics are favorites.

  • Immune to Electricity; Immune to Sonic
  • Flight (Ex): Air dragons are naturally bouyant, and use their wings for directional flight only.
  • Breath Weapon: Air dragons have two breath weapons, a line of air (creatures and objects caught in the line who fail their saving throw are pushed backwards away from the dragon up to the maximum distance of the line) and a sonic cone (creatures within the cone must succeed a Fortitude save or be deafened for 1d6 rounds plus 1 round per age category of the dragon).
  • Gaseous form (Sp): As the spell, but the duration is equal to a half hour per day per age category of the dragon; an air dragon can enter or leave gaseous form as a free action as long as it has duration left for the day.
  • Fluidity of Air (Ex): Air dragons have inverted strength and agility scores compared to other dragons. Many air dragons take weapon finesse as an early feat to exploit their natural dexterity.
  • Other spell-like abilities: 3/day – wind wall (juvenile); 3/day – control winds (adult); 3/day – chain lightning (old); 1/day – whirlwind (ancient); 1/day – elemental swarm (air only) (great wyrm)

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