Dragon Statistics Templates

There are three general templates for dragon statistics: strong, average, and weak.  These templates can be used to create individual dragons of the Elemental varieties.

  • Strong:  Air, Earth, Water, Fire
  • Average:  Cinder/Ember, Mist, Ice, Obsidian, Chalk, Wood, Granite,  Light
  • Weak:  Smoke, Steam, Peat, Sand/Dust



Strong dragons:

strong dragon statistics

Average dragons:

average dragon statistics

Weak dragons:

weak dragon statistics

The templates were developed by looking at the ability scores for dragons in the system reference document, figuring out a formula for the ranges of stats shown, and determining the relationship between some of the scores.  The templates simply map out those formulas and relationships.

Size and Age Tables

Size modifiers:

Size Modifers

Challenge ratings by age:

challenge ratings & level adjustments

General Notes

Some of the statistics for the dragon can be determined based on other statistics.  For example, there is a range for the dragon’s intelligence based on their type (a die roll plus a constant to land in the range), and several of the other abilities are directly proportional to the dragon’s intelligence.  Hit dice affects both the dragon’s base attack bonus and saving throws for many of its abilities.

  • Intelligence = Charisma
  • Wisdom = Intelligence + 1, but minimum Wisdom is generally 11
  • Hit dice increase by 3 per age category
  • Natural Armor Class bonus = Hit Dice – 1
  • Base Attack = Hit dice; Grapple = Hit dice + Strength modifier + size modifer
  • Attack = Hit dice + Strength modifier
  • Saves = (Hit dice/2) + 2 + ability score bonus
  • Breath Weapon save DC = 10 + 1/2 hit dice + Constitution bonus
  • Frightful Presence save DC = 10 + 1/2 hit dice + Charisma bonus
  • Speed: Base speed is 40 or 60 ft.; fly speed is based on the size chart; burrow speed is 1/2 base speed; swim speed is the same as base speed
  • Initiative +0
  • Armor class is 10 + Dexterity bonus + size modifier + natural armor bonus

For general dragon statistics, see the system reference documents for D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder.

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