Elemental Dragons

The Elemental Dragons are, unlike their Chromatic and Metallic cousins, neither devoutly good or evil nor rigidly lawful or chaotic. They see themselves, like the elements they correspond to, as forces of nature, and tend to resemble them in personality as well. All in all, most relate well to druidic philosophies, and though they are all as reclusive and avaricious as most dragons tend to be, they are often very protective of the lands (or waters) they see as their own, generally feeling themselves to be in a sort of feudal relationship with the inhabitants, even if the inhabitants do not view them in that light (or, in many cases, realize that the dragon is there). Elemental dragons who lean towards or embrace evil can become very spiteful if their “vassels” are not sufficiently appreciative.

Although often druidic in philosophy, most elemental dragons are still arcane in their sorcerous tendancies, although they usually favor spells which reflect their elemental natures.

As with other genera of dragons, some individual types are stronger or weaker than the others. The four “pure” elemental types (Air, Earth, Water, and Fire) are the strongest; several of the hybrids (Cinder/Ember, Mist, Ice, Obsidian, Chalk, Wood, Granite, and Light) fall into the average range; and the other hybrids (Smoke, Steam, Peat, and Sand/Dust) fall into the weaker range. However, even a dragon which is considered weak in comparison with other varieties is still a formidable foe.

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