Story List

Title/description, start date, notes.  Abstracts to be added as I have time.  Not all of these are actively being worked on.  A lot of the title/description entries in the early lists entries are drawn from what I originally put on the file folders when I first organized stuff in high school… which is why they kind of sound like folder labels.

  1. The Ringbearer – Aug-94.  Finished draft.  Grew out of a “What would it be like if people had wings?” thought.  Original version follows a group of cousins working to free their people from a conquering army.  Nos. 1-5, 101, & 102 are what are being reworked as “Avera.”  I haven’t decided if it’s worth going back and finishing what is effectively the 4th revision of something I wrote in eighth grade.
  2. Prelude to a Dragon War – Nov-95.
  3. Saga of the Wolf – Oct/Nov-95.  Originally started after I finished #1 and didn’t know what to do since I had spent the previous year writing.  Set several hundred years before #1, follows the antics of a snarky, sarcastic wolf who basically has to learn how to fight dragons and teach mages.
  4. The Last Rebellion – Sep-96. Covers the time period immediately before #1.
  5. Dragon Lord – 3/6/99.  Meant to close out the series started by #1; the war and reconciliation with the dragons.
  6. Darkness Upon Mist – Winter 94/95.  Finished Draft. First instance of technological regression I used; a bunch of kids/teens (some related) get captured and then eventually overthrow the people who conquered the island. This is being reworked in #148.
  7. Elves (Gloves) – Winter 94/95.  The first part of this was written in eighth grade; the bulk later, but I’m not sure offhand at what point in high school. Anyhow, the basic premise is that one of the Elven kingdoms was conquered at some point about thirty years before, and the remnants of the royal house are working to rectify that.
  8. Mars–Scap – Apr-95.  This developed out of my eighth grade Earth Day project; it’s set about 5,000 years in the future, after Earth’s environment was so messed up that the general population had to flee to the Martian and Lunar colonies. Mars is divided between two governments – one sort of Soviet, one sort of a fairly corrupt US.
  9. Tex/Kate/Cobra – Summer 95. This is a bunch of starts at some kind of computer-hacking centered plot.  It didn’t get more than ~5  pages on any of them.
  10. Caterby/Skotos – Summer 95.  Some kind of rebel/war plot.
  11. Mars–Colony – Fall 95.  Involved a Martian colony and alien observers.
  12. Kids/Sub – Fall 95.  A bunch of kids, all cousins, escape a research facility where they had been under study and commandeer a submarine.
  13. Prison/Escape/Mines/Jim – Winter 95/96.  A Great-Escape style juvenile labor camp escape plot.
  14. Dragons–turn into – Spring 96.  A couple pages of a plot involving people who could turn into dragons.
  15. Pilot on trial – Spring 96.  A few pages outlining of a pilot talking to a reporter post-trial.
  16. Elves/Puck/Wolf, 3 pts – Summer 96.  Several pieces of a story about a pair of elves helping to put the heir to a long-lost human kingdom back on the throne.
  17. Stingray – Late Summer 96.   In a space-faring world, a crew of smugglers and their ship are drafted into working for the military fleet.
  18. FBI/Mafia/computers – Late Summer 96  Another one of those computer hacking/mob entangled plots.
  19. Morgan Conway – 8, 9/96.  A dozen or so pages of a story about a half-elven assassin; fairly D&D based.
  20. Kilaeni – Sep-96.  A quest-focused story with twin elves as the main characters; had pages of accompanying dragon-prophecy bad-high-school poetry in iambic pentameter.
  21. Killdare – Fall 96.  A pair of twins inherit a castle with a dragon.
  22. Sanford – Nov-96.  Siblings must fulfill a prophecy to save the kingdom from a dragon.
  23. Wolf, Puck, Dark Elves – Winter 96/97.  Dark elves help save a town from an attack by monsters.
  24. Contryst – Jan-97.
  25. Shapeshifters – Winter 97.  Clans of shapeshifters, each of which can take the form of a different animal, vie for control of the island on which they live.
  26. Anklo/Volan/Morgan/Jack – Feb-97.  Two outcasts from neighboring countries at war end up working together to stop a plot aimed at destroying both.
  27. Josh/Kanaerth/Jeroth/Puck – Early Mar-97.  Elven siblings are being hunted by dragons.
  28. Dusty/Kate – Mar-97.
  29. West – Apr-97. A knight who has been away at war returns to his ancestral home, which he must reclaim from the man who usurped his father’s position.  This was my 4-H creative writing entry in 1997.  Got a purple ribbon for it.
  30. Phaerthenea – Suummer 97.
  31. Pat/Kay/Kingdom/Mage – Jun-97.  Siblings help a neighbor destined to be king begin to claim his kingdom.
  32. Genetic Engineering – Jun-97. I think I’m on the 2nd reworking of this idea; it’s switched focus twice now (action > mystery > purer sci-fi). Basically, it involves one of the standard EvilCorps doing unethical research and the subject(s) working to expose them and stop them.
  33. Moray – Jul-97.
  34. Kaytlyn/Kit Tabik/Percival – Jul/Aug-97.  An elf that has been away under the effects of a spell that obscured her memory returns to her homeland.
  35. Space Knights – Aug-97.  The granddaughter of a knight becomes one herself, forcing the smuggler who is in love with her to deal with the complications of his own family’s secrets.  (This is the first thing that I had written that I gave to my future husband to read.)
  36. Kaytlyn/Antioch – Aug-97.  After being driven out by invaders, a baron’s daughter must take the survivors of the attack to her mother’s ancestral homeland in search of a new place to live.
  37. Karaena – 9/29/97.  Fated to reunite an empire, Karaena must go about doing so with the help of her newlywed husband and a handful of friends she accumulated throughout her years as a mercenary.
  38. Kay, Josh, Mage staff – Oct/Dec-97.  A half-elven mage must prepare to duel a rival mage.  (I think.  There’s about 13 pages there, but the plot is kind of hard to guess at.)
  39. Keri ½ Elf, Jarik – Oct/Dec-97.  A half-elf and a young noble flee his family’s schemes.
  40. KMJ – Nov-97.  A jewel-thief breaks a rival out of prison in order to use him as cover for a job.
  41. Kelt – Dec-9.  A half-elf is sent to a druid and his brother as a ward.
  42. Kay Basil/Jake – Dec-97.  An assassin helps a discontented nobleman take over the kingdom.
  43. Prison colony/Slaves – Jan-98.  The prisoners in a lunar penal colony escape.
  44. Guards/Furry/hallways – Jan-98.  A group has infiltrated a secure compound and is trying to contact their base.  (It’s only like, a page and a half of material.)
  45. Russia/helicopter dream – Jan/Feb-98.  A Russian half-elf who had been working as a spy in the human world finds herself pulled into the nebulous realm of elven clan politics.
  46. Kate McCoy/Lightning – Jan/Feb-98.  Several alien-abductees who used to work for the government get pulled back into their old line of work when the aliens that had abducted them show up in force.
  47. Space hijacking – Feb-98.  Siblings on an interstellar transport find themselves caught in the middle of a hijacking.
  48. Pickpocket/Pilot – Feb-98.  A recently discharged pilot finds himself couch-surfing while looking for an apartment and ends up staying with the pickpocket who took his wallet.
  49. Overseer/Sharpshooter – Mar-98.  A plantation in a post-apocalyptic world is attacked by a rival neighbor looking to take over the land.
  50. Quests – 3/18/98.  The main characters in this are a the two heirs of Mongeneau; they have to complete three quests to regain the throne. The writing needs some serious updating from my high school era stuff.  Song 23 was written for some of the opening scenes.
  51. Roman-type setting – Apr-98.  Former neighbors find themselves on opposite sides of a war when an empire invades the lands to its north.
  52. 3 Knights/3 Sisters – 4/26/98.  Three knights home from war are introduced to a friend’s sisters, each of varying talents.
  53. Sphinx/Magic – 5/8/98.  Ancient secrets lie in a chamber beneath the Sphinx.
  54. Kay/Ren – 5/21/98.  A mercenary comes home after years away at war and finds herself pulled into old family conflicts.
  55. Outcast Knight thingy – 6/3/98.  A knight is cast out of his order so that he is free to go on a quest to restore the kingdom.  This is one of the first things I wrote on computer rather than on paper.
  56. Kadence–Knight/murder – 6/3/98.  A knight is falsely accused of murder and sold into slavery.
  57. Wings/shipwreck – 6/17/98.  A gladiator who had fled is returned after a shipwreck.
  58. Kate/Owen/School – 7/1/98.   Friends from school set out to complete a quest and fulfill a prophecy.
  59. Kay/Michael/Dragon – 7/5/98.   A mercenary returns from exile to her homeland, recently conquered by the empire she was working for.  Once there, she discovers that her oldest friend is leading an underground resistance.
  60. Prince/wimp/Kay – 7/18/98.  A prince who is not martially inclined is taught swordplay.
  61. Kay/Josh/Knights – 7/24/98.  A knight’s long-lost son is brought home after his father’s death.
  62. Spies – 8/22/98.  Rival spies find themselves put out in the cold – by both their countries.
  63. Cult – 9/15/98.  A group of friends set out to combat a demonic cult.
  64. Assassin/spy/mage – 10/18/98.  A spy from a rebel group is sent to infiltrate a duchy.
  65. Mercenary – 10/23/98.  After a battle goes badly, a mercenary switches sides.
  66. Modern spy w/dragon, magic – 12/4/98.  A dragon skeleton is found in Scotland, and a cult intends to use it to take over the world.
  67. Woods/heir to throne – 12/6/98.  The captain of the royal guard is sent out to investigate rebel agitation.
  68. General/city wall/2 heirs – 12/15/98.  An invading army captures the heir to the throne.
  69. Kay/Josh/swamp/stag – 12/23/98.  Bandits attack a village.
  70. Elf/human/½ Elf/fr 9th – 12/24/98.  An elf, human, and half-elf find themselves thrown into the same jail cell.
  71. Cap’n finding crew/fr 10th – 12/24/98.  The captain of a spaceship is looking for a crew.
  72. Revolt against invaders – 1/22/99.
  73. Sort of like Moses, but diff – 1/30/99.
  74. Pres/VP/Militia group – 3/27/99.
  75. Ultimate plot line – ca. 3/99.  Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking.  One of those putting-someone-on-the-throne things.
  76. Idea for screenplay – 4/10/99.  A pair of friends plot escape from their orcish captors.
  77. Strong female lead – 5/22/99.  An order of demon hunters fights against an army invading from Hell.
  78. Arena – Jun-99. This was loosely inspired by some of the personalities and politics on the MUD (A3 circa spring 1998) – the people are probably only even vaguely recognizable by me. Basically, it’s a fantasy setting with a sort of gladitorial arena as a training system; the city was eventually named Fallstar, and the major characters are three half-dragon siblings and their associates and rivals.
  79. Medieval in modern scenario – 7/9/99.
  80. Western – 7/11/99.
  81. Civil war/mercenary/carpenter – 7/31/99.
  82. Tiered city – 8/5/99.
  83. Tiered city, 2nd version – 9/20/99.
  84. Something – 11/9/99.
  85. Plane dream – 12/5/99.
  86. Raft People – 2/16/00.
  87. Xyryx – 3/3/00.  A pilot is pulled into a spacial anomaly, discovering a pocket dimension where the inhabitants are still dealing with the political fallout from the collapse of a long-dead empire.
  88. Duel idea – 4/24/00.
  89. Queen/daughter/overthrow – 7/25/00.
  90. Spy – 9/15/00.
  91. Mercenary/war – 1/2/01.
  92. Bloodhawk/reincarnation – 3/2/01.
  93. Scribe – 3/22/01.  The central character is an assistant scribe, overall bookworm, and so forth. Encyclopedic knowledge of books written in the kingdom in the past 400 years. Gets mixed up in investigating a plot against the Queen after her mentor is killed.
  94. Post-earth rebels – 4/17/01.
  95. Abrycael–Kelaena Avrelaena – 4/30/01.  A prequel to #35 about the origins of the empire they are seeking to resurrect.
  96. L/R (Ice-witch) – 6/12/01.
  97. Vintner – 7/2/01.  The heir of a long-dead kingdom tends her family’s vineyards and inadvertently becomes entangled in the political machinations of her family’s adopted homeland.
  98. Prince’s bastard – 7/15/01.
  99. Anya – 7/15/01.
  100. Channeler – 7/23/01.  One of three based off the same dream; this is the first. Magic in this version is achieved through channeling (energy? magic? I haven’t gotten detailed enough to have worked it out); seedier carnivals will have a section where slave channelers manipulate the senses to give the customers a variety of experiences (and are thus termed ‘sense carnivals’). The main characters are one of these slaves, eventually freed, and a mage (channeler, though ‘channeler’ mostly refers to someone without formal training, in this work) illegitimate to the royal house. See also #108 and #124.
  101. Keeper of the Rainbow Horn – Nov-95.  The first part of the “sequel” manuscript for #1.
  102. Karthowbay – Nov-95.  The second part of the “sequel” manuscript.
  103. Vampire hunter – 8/22/01.
  104. Fire-colored horse – 9/10/01.  This is based on a dream with a fire-colored horse, but the horse is kind of tangential to the story.  A warrior comes home after the nomadic tribe she married into was mostly wiped out by a plague.  Upon arrival, she discovers a plot to overthrow the throne in progress.
  105. Inheriting wings – 10/14/01.
  106. Avatars – 11/12/01.
  107. Mage/Fighter – 11/26/01.
  108. Channeler, version 2 – 12/16/01.  The second version of the channeling idea, this time involving a mage who was kidnapped into one of the slave-channeling rings, and upon her escape, she has to resume her quest.
  109. Mage/Ranger – 12/31/01.
  110. Orks – 2/28/02.
  111. Venus – 3/17/02.
  112. Gryphon rider – 4/7/02.
  113. Wings/Mage – 4/15/02.
  114. Aborted Pic Story – 4/15/02.  I was originally drawing this graphic novel style, but gave up and switched to text.  The story follows a knight, an elf, and the heir to a usurped throne in their attempts to recover the kingdom.
  115. Four Bays – 4/21/02.
  116. Heretic – 4/30/02.
  117. Vigilante – 6/1/02.
  118. Rogue Angels – 6/6/02.  The first foray into the fallen angel/Earth as purgatory stories.
  119. Spacial/Temporal Anomaly – 7/2/02.
  120. Spy/mentalist/3 dreams – 8/18/02.
  121. Western/Modern collapse cross – 8/30/02.
  122. Akhora – 10/7/02.
  123. Pursuit – 10/13/02.
  124. Channeler, version 3 – 11/14/02.  The third version of the channeling idea.  A burnt-out channeler is bought out of the slave market by a man who trains gladiators.  His colleague begins to unravel the mystery of her origins.
  125. Murena – 12/20/02.  A knight errant is hired to help uncover and thwart a plot against the king by returning to the duchy where she was born.  (This is not on my 2019 shortlist of things to finish/revise, but it might be the first thing on the list that follows it.)
  126. Task mage/rebellion – 1/11/03.
  127. Demons/librarian – 1/17/03.  First foray into the demon-fighting stories that will converge with the fallen angel stories in #220.
  128. Timewalker – 1/20/03.  A mage that can walk through time has to find the only person who has ever been born who can open the magically-sealed door to a relic chamber in order to prevent the end of the world.
  129. Elf thing – 2/7/03.
  130. Revolt vs Usurped – 2/9/03.  The daughter of a blacksmith ran the war her father started to overthrow the five kings that ruled their people as conquerors; now she has to find their heirs and convince them to return in order to ward off an even greater threat to both their peoples.
  131. Gryphon/Rabbit – 3/17/03.
  132. Siblings/Empire – 8/10/03.
  133. The Hunt – 9/28/03.
  134. Brothers/mage – 10/19/03.
  135. Bear/wolf – 10/29/03.
  136. Rose – 11/29/03.
  137. Elena – 3/24/04.
  138. Julia – 4/15/04.
  139. Empire-Gene Splicing – 5/26/04.
  140. Raven (Veronica) – 6/10/04.
  141. Beverly – 7/5/04.
  142. Iris – 8/22/04.
  143. Gwendoline – 10/8/04.  I’ve got barely more than notes for this – setting is sort of my default fantasy. Gwendoline is the nightshift in an inn, a packrat, and a closet witch. Philip is a blacksmith, former soldier, who somehow got on the bishop’s bad side. She finds him half-dead outside the inn.
  144. Cade – 10/10/04.  This was supposed to be a reworking of #32 (which I think I’ve actually totally reworked on its own at least twice without adding list entries); instead it ended up running along the lines of, Cade was part of the rebellion, and was eventually captured; the people being rebelled against want her to help them win. Totally didn’t go where I was expecting it.
  145. Philia – 10/26/04.  Set in an alternate… eh, we’ll say 1890s. Probably England, but I really don’t know Europe well enough to pin it down, so I’ve left it vague. It’s one of the versions of Earth involving Elves I’ve used, basically. I haven’t gotten much further than introducing the main characters (Philia, Broward, and so forth) and the problem (some kind of plot involving killing off the remnants of the Elves).
  146. Sheridan – 11/8/04.  Unlike #144, this actually is a reworking of #32, using mechanical implantation and regular nanites instead of genetic modification. Still debating where I’m going to take the plot beyond that; I have two or three different ideas. Unlike #32, this one uses a character that was captured during a war, as opposed to the military experimenting on their own side.
  147. Fé – 11/26/04.  The main character in the story is three-quarters Elven, a quarter human, half wolf, and half werewolf. This gets explained a couple times. She is the daughter (unbeknownst to him until the story starts) of a teacher of the sword arts at a school in a fantasy setting. After he leaves his position there, they get tied up in the politics of her Elven mother. This may become a three-part story, or a couple novellas.
  148. Madge – 3/3/05.  A reworking of the ideas from #6. An island kingdom has been conquered by the mainland peoples, and the story revolves around the undoing of the conquest. The characters in this version of events are older than the original exploration of the idea.
  149. Hunter – 3/11/05.  Much closer to the original idea that sparked #147. It involves the unknown daughter of a teacher (this time a mage) at a school in a medieval-fantasy setting and her adjustment to the school after her mother is killed by bandits.
  150. Tibs – 4/13/05.  Haven’t actually written out much of the idea yet; the general setting is a post-semi-apocalyptic Earth (i.e., war enough to shake up the established governments, but not to wipe out large portions of the population or technology – some, but not a huge number) in which a sort of amalgamation of several major religious sects become somewhat integrated into the political structure. Anywho, the focus will be on Tibs (Tabitha).
  151. Yvonne – 6/25/05.  In yet another placement of convenience to the plot, Yvonne is the adopted daughter of the emperor’s dead sister; the setting here is a small empire of a couple planetary systems in a moderately advanced sci-fi universe (basically, for me, this means a capability for interstellar travel). Time-wise, the story starts a couple years after the empire underwent a civil war, which the established imperial family more or less won. Yvonne had served in the military during the war and afterwards was given a medical discharge. Now she’s been brought back after having left (for a variety of reasons) to help deal with a new threat to the imperial house.
  152. Octavia/Audra – 3/29/06.  First attempt at writing something about fractured time/space.  Abandoned after three pages.
  153. Samantha – 7/8/06; A reworking of Xyryx (#87).  Samantha is a diviner; she was captured during the war that created the empire and drafted into its gladiatorial arena for her sword skills, but her divining drew the emperor’s attention.  Now, in the aftermath of the empire’s collapse, she has to work with a man she betrayed to prevent a new empire from being established.
  154. Lyn – 11/2/06.
  155. Mars–revolution – 4/15/07.  Basically the American Revolution spread across Earth, Venus, and Mars, if Benedict Arnold had managed to get George Washington captured.
  156. Theresa–guardians – 4/28/07.
  157. Diana/Aurora – 6/14/07 .  Diana and Aurora are sisters, the former a thief just out of prison, the latter a talented musician.  Focuses on Diana’s readjustment to the non-thieving world outside prison.  (Setting is more or less mid-/late-19th-century, sans-guns.)
  158. Kilaeni revision – 7/17/07.  Reworking the Kilaeni stuff. You know, to be less 9th grade.
  159. Josephine – 8/7/07.
  160. Violet – 11/1/07.  First NaNoWriMo.  Violet is a half-elven ranger; she’s been working as a guide for an adventuring group, but when they ditch her in pursuit of a magical item that will let them overthrow the king, she teams up with the son of a knight she once served in order to stop them.
  161. Ariel – 1/9/08. 
  162. Edith – 1/22/08.  Edith was the king’s niece, and captain of his guard.  A powerful sorceress brought an army to the kingdom and overthrew it, and is now draining it to increase her magical powers.  Edith is leading an increasingly weary resistance band that seeks to dethrone the sorceress and put her cousin on the throne.
  163. Bridget – 2/23/08.
  164. Mara – 2/29/08.
  165. Aurelia – 3/3/08.
  166. Madison – 3/15/08.
  167. Beatrice – 5/3/08.
  168. Kia–monastery – 6/16/08.  Kia was introduced to powers she was not ready for and had a psychotic break, leading the abbot to suppress her memories before she was imprisoned.  Now the magistrate has released her from prison and sent her back to the monastery to serve as an example of the failures caused by their hubris.
  169. Wren – 7/22/08.
  170. Arena revision – 7/28/08.  First attempt at revising #78.
  171. Thalya – 11/2/08.  Second NaNoWriMo.  A half-elf is the last ranger defending a trade route from bandits.  When three survivors of a civil war are attacked on their way through, she teams up with a local warrior to get them to the mage conclave they are seeking.
  172. Demon hunter revision – 12/3/08.  A revision of #77.
  173. Magistrate/Archer – 2/16/09.  An archer was hired to clean out bandits harassing a small town, but when a conquering army sets its sights on the region, she has to help them find a way to negotiate their surrender.
  174. Forest – 6/16/09.
  175. Wilhelmina – 9/20/09.
  176. Willa – 9/30/09.
  177. Audra – 11/1/09.  Picked up the concept for #152 to use as NaNoWriMo 2009.  Time, space, light, and magic have been fractured into twelve parts; space in the same time may not be contiguous with other space in the same time.  This led to a map crisscrossed by fracture lines.  Time runs on a 144 day cycle; on days when the times share factors up to 12 (for example, 44 has factors of 1, 2, 4, 11, 22, and 44, but only the first four count), it’s possible to move between spaces in a different time.  The fracturing of light means some places never see red, or blue, etc.  Mechanics aside, the story follows Audra, a mage driven insane on days associated with prime numbers due to the fracturing’s effect on magic.
  178. Xyryx revision – 1/11/10.  Another reworking of #87, this time in the same setting, with the same characters, but historically condensed.
  179. 3 brothers – 3/22/10.  Set in post-WWII New York, three brothers have come to America to stay with their American grandmother, only to be informed on the arrival that she died while they were on the boat.  Her former secretary helps them settle in.
  180. Laelia – 3/30/10.  Laelia is one of a dwindling number of people who are descended of the wyrm Valerius – a trait that imparts a draconic lifespan.  She was born shortly after a civil war several hundred years before, the aftereffects of which still stir up trouble – including that her father was a notorious traitor to the winning side, and she is under perpetual suspicious because of it.
  181. Conner – 5/24/10.  Connor is one of many illegitimate cousins to the emperor of… an as-yet-unnamed empire.  (Note to self: name empire.)  After an unremarkable career as a junior army officer, Connor finds himself shipped overseas to become the governor of a small, rebellious colony – an appointment that is practically exile, for reasons he can’t guess.
  182. Aleta – 6/19/10.  Aleta is a mercenary artillery captain in a setting that is more-or-less the American Revolution if it had been set in the era of World War I.
  183. Beatrix – 8/13/10.
  184. Vera/Cain – 11/1/10.  First attempt at NaNoWriMo 2010; I got stuck a couple days in and switched to a more standard setup.  Vera served in Earth’s Federal Army several years before, helping bring Venus’s colonies into the Federation; Cain was a member of the resistance on Venus.  Now both are working for Federal Intelligence on a contract basis, trying to keep the independent moons of Saturn from taking over the Jovan moons, as well.
  185. Ashaelaria – 11/6/10.  What I switched to for NaNoWriMo 2010.  It uses my standard mage/knight/thief set-up.  Set in about 1904, Ashaelaria (Shael) is a Russian half-elf, working for a vampire in Constantinople as a sort of antiquities acquisitions expert.  After a falling out with Gerard, her usual partner in not-quite-crime, she hires three friends to go with her to Mongolia to recover an item of great power before a rival of her employer’s can do so himself.
  186. Ciara – 12/20/10.
  187. Muriel – 2/8/11.
  188. Animals – 2/10/11.  Sword & sorcery fantasy with animals as the cast.  Not animals in a world of animals, but animals which have been magically endowed with unexpected sentience in a world dominated by humans (and other fantasy races).  (Because really, a rat running around screaming “Fireball!” seemed too hilarious an idea to pass up.)  This got partly rolled into #208.
  189. Quin – 3/27/11.
  190. Maeve – 4/11/11.  Maeve is a half-orc; her father was a very drunk human mage, and the magic she inherited landed her an apprenticeship that got her off the streets.  Now the Last Order, a priesthood dedicated to preservation of the existence of the future, is looking to hire her so they can recover an artifact from a vampire’s tomb.
  191. Valeria – 6/2/11.  A reworking of #35 to be a little less 10th-grade-esque.
  192. Bloodlines – 6/21/11.
  193. Martenson – 7/5/11.  Martenson has, at various times, been a nun, a scout, and a bum; when the story starts, she’s looking to hire on with an adventuring group to get away from the mob she keeps aggravating.  This character got pulled into #231.
  194. Rosalind – 7/6/11.
  195. Adelaide – 7/21/11.  Adelaide is a mage of the sixth order, which means she’s pretty good at it, but not the most powerful of mages.  She works for the federal agency that deals with magical and non-human relations.  After they send her to New York to keep a troll from killing her ex (since the Oracle at Delphi says that would be Bad), dominoes she didn’t even know had been lined up start getting knocked over.
  196. Lora – 10/3/11.
  197. Aster – 11/1/11.  NaNoWrimo 2011.  Aster is a sorcerer’s apprentice; after fleeing a castle under siege, she ends up lost on the other side of the world with the knight originally sent to bring her back.
  198. Paol & Marinne – 1/4/12.
  199. Fernanda – 3/7/12.
  200. Rhel/Scouts – 4/2/12.
  201. Circus – 5/2/12.
  202. Rivka – 6/1/12.
  203. Raelyn – 8/2/12.
  204. Renard – 11/1/12.
  205. Eavan/Teague – 3/15/13.
  206. Jade – 4/1/13.
  207. Rivka/Raelyn/Amber – 8/24/13.
  208. Leni – 11/1/13.
  209. Mage/knight/thief – 1/18/14.
  210. Kennet – 5/11/14.
  211. Water mage – 6/13/14.
  212. Liora – 7/3/14.
  213. Charona – 7/13/14.
  214. The Wilds – 11/1/14.
  215. Lorcran – 12/9/14.
  216. Prison ship – 1/2/15.
  217. Mars-revision – 12/15/09.
  218. Manor – 9/6/14.
  219. Generic Sci Fi – 8/23/15.
  220. Emery/Lysandra – 11/1/15.
  221. Post-comet – 2/7/16.
  222. Oblivion – 11/1/16.
  223. Maude – 12/4/16.
  224. 20th Magistrate – 3/24/17.
  225. Solid 5’s Knitting Club – 3/25/17.
  226. Fallstar – 11/29/16.
  227. Cassandra – 4/9/17.
  228. Knight/Squires – 8/1/15.
  229. Marjorie – 10/12/16.
  230. Lucy, Jo, Spike – 6/22/17.
  231. Shopkeeper – 10/2/17.
  232. Nevada – 4/19/18.
  233. Stormcrow – 7/1/18.
  234. Coven – 7/17/18.
  235. Ylian – 11/1/18.
  236. Sherine – 1/17/19.
  237. Lottie – 8/20/19.
  238. Thorns – 9/28/19.
  239. Erin – 11/3/19.
  240. Villain – 2/2/20.
  241. Edna – 5/5/20.

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