This little series was mostly done in 8th grade, I think, except for the last drawing, which was done some time later.

Series 1

"She lay in quiet ambush..."

Series 2

"He never suspected."

Series 3

"Another brother is dealt swift, tom-boy, vigilante justice."

Series 4

"Battle-weary, the vigilante herself goes home, only to be victimized by maternal law."

Series 5

"The snitch is stalked"

Series 6


Series 7

"Outflank the brother and come in from behind"

Series 8

"A change of plans?"

Series 9

"They'd amassed!"

Series 10

"Getting reinforcements"

Series 11

"Stealth approach"

Series 12


Series 13

"The ally is called home."

Series 14

"The hunter becomes the hunted"

Series 15

"Or the besieged"

Series 16

"When besieged, ammunition must be carefully used."

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