The Shinderax

Shinderax, page 1

“Is she dead?”
“Not yet.”
“She must be taken to the Stasis Chamber at the Eye of the Needle.”
“There, she will survive until the day she is needed.”
“Whoever delivers her to the chamber, however, must remain with her.”
“For once an occupant is placed upon the altar of service, the door closes, and both are bound.”

Shinderax, page 2
“You, son of Ilia, must take her.”
The woman on the bed shifted with a soft moan.
“Before she is lost to us.”
“I”ve got other work.”
“The choice is upon you, son of Ilia.”
“But only she can save this world from total catastrophe.”

Shinderax, page 3
After a long, arduous journey…
[Lighting the candles]
“Now, you shall join her in sleep.”
5000 years later… “Ilia?”
“No. His son.”

Shinderax, page 4
“Upon the needle”s pinnacle rests the timestone.”
“It holds the knowledge of the time we have missed.”
“We must both gain that knowledge.”
“Climb the needle? Impossible.”
“Your father took me the last time I was chosen.”

Shinderax, page 5
“You”ve joined an elite few.”
“Few have been committed to service upon the altar. Few are chosen to accompany them. This is the third time I have survived the chamber.”
“How long?”
“The first two times, it was never more than a decade. But now…”
“Then we climb the needle.”

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